Google Play Store Gift Cards Available on FreeCharge

Google Play Store is one of the most used app market. The PlayStore which was previously known as Android store, now has huge apps. Some of the apps are paid and some of them are free of cost.

One of the major problems faced by Indians is buying an App, most of the Indians using the Google Play Store don’t have access to proper payment methods which the Google Play Store supports. A situation like this leads to piracy, but most of the Indians have a PayTM or a Freecharge account.

These are both wallets which allow to people for services which supports payments by them. So earlier, PayTM, the Indian wallet company introduced the Google Play Store gift cards, 2 days later even Freecharge brought them in the market.

So if you are an Indian who never bought an app because you didn’t have a good payment method then you can now buy a gift card worth the app you want to buy, and redeem the code instantly and buy the app which you wanted to buy.

An app needs huge efforts, paying money for the app is rewarding the efforts put in by the developer.


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